It’s official, I am now open and ready for business!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

The wheels are moving

Finalizing a few more things before being ready!  The last few pieces should arrive this week.  I expect to be open by February 1st, so keep a lookout!  You can check back here, or follow me on  Twitter or Facebook for more details.

Jazz Age Preservation Ball 2013

I attended the Jazz Age Preservation Ball this year and it was fantastic!  Nearly everyone dressed up to the nines and made for a great blast to the past.  I had a great time dancing to the live music and watching the shows.  It wasn’t strictly a dance event, but that didn’t stop me!  The […]


I’ve registered for International Lindy Hop Championships and Washington D.C. Lindy Exchange.  Last year was amazing, can’t wait to repeat it again!