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Pokemon Go Buttons



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As the battle rages between House Mystic and House Valor, the prospects grow dire.  Supplies are running short, and Pokemon are fainting left and right, with naught a revive in sight.

“How did it come to this…” as a Dragonite collapses under the continuous onslaught. ¬†A Snorlax is brought out from reserves and begins charging at the gym with a horde of Zubats and Ratata on both sides scrambling to get out of the way.

“Look to our coming at 1am, look to the east.”

[expand title=”A bright ray of light approaches in the distance…could it be?”]

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Weight .1 oz

House Mystic, House Instinct, House Valor, Mystic Emblem, Instinct Emblem, Valor Emblem


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